My workstations have always been significant to me: they’re where I spend the majority of my waking hours. While they haven’t been too ergonomic or styled, I have gotten better at building and maintaining a healthy physical and mental environment around the workstations.

Perhaps someday I’ll have a nice looking one again.

Late high school thru college (~2010~2014) #

I had a dark Apple keyboard long before Apple had one.

First serious build. Ended up replacing everything at least once. Windows 7, then 8 for gaming and Hackintosh for work. Yes, that’s Rainmeter and a 1st or 2nd gen Surface RT.

  • 2k+ hours of Minecraft: thanks for introducing me to programming! Also played a good deal of Battfield 3 and Team Fortress during this time.

The workstations only got shittier from here.

College - Sacramento (2014-2016) #

Replaced the three monitors with 2 QNIX 1440p overclockable monitors from South Korea. Best $600 impulse buy ever. Mostly time was spent on college, video editing for work, learning to code, and gaming in the remaining time (Battlefield 4, GTA5).

Also pictured: Code keyboard upgrade, lots of sunflower seeds and potato camera skills.

Vigilant - Sacramento office (2016-2017) #

Don’t have a photo of this one, but it was basically a small, renovated hotel room. Very startup-y and very scrappy. Good times. Will update if I dig one up.

This was when I upgraded to a mid-2015 Macbook Pro.

Vigilant - NYC office 1 (~2017) #

My first few months in NYC, right near Union Square. It was a co-working space an investor organized for us and five other companies in our cohort. Lots of great conversations and late nights spent here: everyone was driven, curious, and willing to help each other out.

Vigilant - NYC office 2 (~2018) #

A little further uptown. We were in a shared office space with a few other companies. Experienced my first New York winter here and learned what radiators sound like. Sitting in Madison Square Park at lunchtime was my favorite.

Home Office - NYC (~2018-2019) #

Nothing too fancy, we dedicated our living room space to an office. Used when I worked from home - most of my time not working was spent exploring the city.

Home Office 2 - NYC (2019-2020) #

My room was tiny, so I found a tiny standing desk for $150 on Craigslist. Actually loved it (made by Jarvis).

This was my workstation for my first four months of flying solo and contracting. Lots of fond late night coding memories, but also where I learned what a dwindling savings account and uncooperative clients feel like (hint: anxiety and stress).

Shortly before COVID hit I had become a salaryman again, upgraded to a bigger room, and really built a space I enjoyed working in. Sadly, can not find a photo right now.

Remote Office 1 - San Diego (Sep 2020) #

After six months of quarantine back in my highschool bedroom I was ready for a change of scenery. My first experimental attempt at [[my dream working environment]]. Had a separate working and sleeping environment, privacy, and good views. And a hammock in the backyard.

Not much more I could’ve asked for (save for my cute little standing desk from above and a less egregious price).

more to come!

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