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Have I become dumber since moving away from my roommates?

These are my weekly Patch Notes – a log of the mental model updates I’m making and a braindump of things I’m leaning, building, or thinking about. Subscribe on Substack here. In this release: Shared social cognition and the effect of distance on it Importing my goals and values into Readwise Something magical happened on Twitter this week Blog Club: The Curse of Xanadu I finally understand what ‘the world is changing faster’ refers to
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Next Steps, 2019 Edition

People have been asking me what I’m doing with my life, what my next steps are, where I’m going to be living, what my goals are, when I’m getting married, how many grandkids I’m going to have…. I wish I could tell them - because I sure as hell don’t know. Life’s really unpredictable. What I do have instead is a rough outline of what I hope to achieve over the next decade or so.
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