at the Marisposa Monarch Butterfly Preserve

posting from: Valle de Bravo, Mexico

life updates #

Hello friends. Five months and ten cities since my last patch notes, almost everything in my life has been significantly re-arranged once again. I’ve left my role at Ressemble and become enmeshed in several new projects and communities – more details on these below. I’ve gotten a bit better about sitting down and writing in the mornings, and some of this writing has even made it onto the internet. My girlfriend Iris and I celebrated six months together and I had my 25th birthday. Life continues to be crazy but it’s a beautiful adventure I feel lucky to be on. #

About half a year ago four friends and I came together online with a series of questions and a rough direction to set out on to try and answer them as a squad. The following months were filled with creative wanderings and insightful explorations, all accessible on our internet home and YouTube channel. #

We launched our first project a few weeks ago with the help of friends – an invitational, collaborative pixel art canvas called Exquisite Land. The project is built on Polygon, is open source and free to play, provided one has an invite coin generated by someone else on the board. It’s been an incredibly fun learning experience to build this thing in the public together with and for the community.

writing updates #

The format of this site will evolve as I figure out exactly how, when, and for who I want to publish. In the meantime, some recent posts may be interesting:

next steps #

  • continue building and learning with Buzzard
  • sign a 6 to 12-month lease somewhere in the U.S. or Mexico
  • continue learning Spanish, both online and offline
  • write 100 posts, inspiration to Visakan Veerasamy for this goal. (this is post #4!)
  • long walks, serene mornings, and more writing