The following are efforts I hope to contribute to over the following decades. If you’re researching, building, or excited about any of these – let’s chat!

1. combining journaling + therapy #

Therapy needs to be more scalable. While it can achieve amazing things, its current form generally requires money and is subject to severe 1:1 time constraints. Talk therapy is also limited to the verbal communication channel.

Journaling is an excellent form of self-therapy; and happens to be completely free & accessible to anyone. It can benefit from accountability, external review, and guiding. I see the potential of a hybrid approach combining the two.

  1. post on journaling

2. building towards sustainability #

We’re headed for some pretty complicated physical, social, and economical changes. There are many more important areas here but some particular points of focus for me:

  • disaster recovery / internet restoration
  • more efficient logistics & transport
  • education & awareness
  • cheap, weather-resilient, humane emergency sheltering
  • renewable energy
  • cross-language coordination tools

3. experimental cities in nature #

I want to live in a forest or on a beach with a gym, cafeteria, multiple cafes, high speed internet, a garden, and enough other nerds nearby to join a different salon / workshop / lecture every night. Also:

  • tooling for self-managing and maintaining a Social API to rest of the world
  • re-configurable, expandable, and financially self-sustainable
  • discoverable internationally while maintaining local culture & access
  • sliding scale cost structured as hybrid scholarships / exploration grants
  • accommodating of both short term/transitory stays and longer-term residencies
  • accessible to RVs, cars, and tents
  • ecologically balanced

Related efforts I’m following:

  1. Oceanix
  2. Culdesac

4. distributed tools for thought #

Better ways of talking with friends I haven’t met yet. Both ends of the stack are important here: how our phones send raw data to each other and the shape of the digital surface I’m communicating my thoughts through. - can decision-making processes be more inviting and intimate? - varying scales of anonymous:identified, retained and ephemeral, structured vs serendipitous - make publishing to limited/unlimited social networks more natural

Personal efforts:

  1. relational - building web3 media tools with
  2. helping friends build cozyroom
  3. Digital Tools I Wish Existed

5. psychedelics research & awareness #

Seeing as these drugs changed my life, I’m interested in helping more people getting the opportunity for self-discovery and healing with them. Specifically: a) removing legal barriers b) providing safe spaces to experience them c) building online/offline spaces for discussion & education

Related efforts I’m following:

  2. Erowid

6. libraries of the future #

I owe a lot to libraries as a kid and hope future generations can find as much support access as they gave me. The library of the future:

  • open 24 / 7, like internet cafes
  • fresh coffee
  • beastly computers, consoles, and internet connections
  • loaner e-readers and electronics
  • 3D printers
  • plants + natural light
  • local and community-managed
  • a default meeting point for online/offline communities

For now, I’m going to hack on these projects with friends as small-scale experiments, notes, and chats. With time I hope to deepen my potential impact by coordinating and creating space for people to come together and collaborate on these problems.