The last time we played this game, I was astonished at how fun and generative it was. I believe the reasons for that came down to:

  • just enough constraints. we had to split things into content, and metadata. and get it published on a markdown 11ty site. the rest was up to each of us. so we took it in different directions; wherever felt most alive to each of us

  • we did it together. having the soft social pressure of having something to show gave me just enough energy to push myself that extra mile.

  • it’s bounded. 7 posts in 1 week. we all have commitments; this doesn’t have to be a grand thing to be fun and interesting.

So I want to do it again. I think the shape can be similar to last time. Specifically:

  • any format is acceptable: blog post, tweet/thread, photo of a handwritten page

  • can be written all at once or 1/day, whatever feels best


  • whether these are themed/prompted, or very open-ended/unprompted

  • any other constraints that might be helpful here

  • can we aggregate these to sort of feed (while publishing in our own spaces)

  • are we looking to learn anything from this?

  • when: probably in about a week, may 20 - 27

why? #

TLDR: I have grand visions of the things I’d like to help create, and putting my thoughts on the internet is the best way I know of to help make them happen.

I haven’t published much this year, but I’ve written on most of the past 1,000 days. Mostly in the form of journaling and free writing. I love putting words on a surface: it’s my way of unpacking all the various things I’m thinking, worried, and excited about. But structuring that writing, getting it ready for existing online, and putting it there has a psychological (and a small technical) hurdle to be crossed each time.

Some of these psychological hurdles boil down to: what should I write about? Who am I writing for? And why? Of all the things I can write about, what is the thing that sparks most joy? What constitutes “done” on a blog post? Where do I share it? What are my goals in publishing online?

As I write these words, I realize how much I am overthinking this stuff. So I made a meme:

Enough waffling. I want to write. And I want to write with my friends. So I’m inviting y’all along with me on this journey. If you’re interested, holler at