Socorro, NM

It’s my birthday again. My second as a nomad and my first in a relationship. Some reflections on life, inspired by this past year of adventuring across the continent.

Some are new learnings; others are re-discovering consistencies in life. Grateful to everyone in my life who made the past year a beautiful one and looking forward to the next one. Also very excited about no more young driver’s fee on my rentals.

collaboration & creation #

  • building together is more fun than building alone, particularly in high-trust creative environments with friends in play
  • reality is malleable: consistent actions change reality by way of feedback loops. These can be healthy or destructive
  • placing bets on distinct futures attracts people bringing those futures into existence and opens up opportunities for collaboration
  • potential upside to writing online is limitless for having conversations and opening doors not otherwise possible. Downside risk exists, too
  • a week in person can equate to months of online interaction. One online call can lead to months of living and creating together
Cape Meares, OR

travel & movement #

  • topes (speed bumps) are not a suggestion, doubly so when they’re potholes and triply so when they were put there on purpose
  • an open door and a meal at the end of a long journey is one of the best gifts to receive (and to offer)
  • always pack earplugs and an eyemask. The rest is negotiable
  • places and people have energies. Choose the ones I want to be surrounded by wisely
  • don’t forget I have an energy as well; be mindful of where, how, with who, and why I share it
  • being a foreigner sometimes means sticking out and drawing a lot of attention, there’s no running from it so better to just accept it
  • it is possible to get efficient at packing my entire life into a suitcase over and over again, but this does not make the existential crisis any softer
Portland, OR

life/health/happiness #

  • life is beautiful, if you make the space for yourself and others to see and cultivate it
  • being able to sit in the forest shortly after waking is the closest thing to heaven on earth
  • what we broadly refer to as love doesn’t come by often, cherish and hold on to those who offer it in return
  • trees reflect the forces of the universe across time
  • therapy can be a powerful aid in understanding and changing oneself but it requires commitment and humility
  • home is the set of rituals we carry around and the friends we partake in them with
  • a consistent writing practice sustains happiness. Reviewing this writing provides perspective
  • gifts from past-me include a clean room, time and space to write, and scheduled time in nature
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

relationships #

  • treat oneself with at least as much love, care, and patience as one would a best friend
  • waking up with someone you love and trust is the most amazing feeling in the world
  • intensity, depth, and direction are all valid measurements of a relationship in addition to longevity
  • the price of relationships is the potential of hurt, but the upside is unimaginable potential happiness too
  • communication can take the form of speech, dance, writing, singing, and art but ultimately comes down to listening + reflecting + sharing love back