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Problems #

Better access to information and dissemination of knowledge #

  • Andy Matuschak’s Notes are an incredible exploration of evergreen writing and networked knowledge.
  • Roam Research is like Workflowy, but with graph support. Makes structured thought easier. This is very cool.
  • Readwise sends you a daily email with highlights from everywhere so you can think about them more often.
  • Memex is a private full-text browser history search tool with support for annotations, collections, and highlights.
  • Notion is a beautiful app for collaboration and writing which pulls in much of the functionality of Airtable and Trello.
  • Brave is a browser built to reward creators directly instead of through advertising.

Cleaner energy production, energy efficiency, carbon sequestration #

  • AirCare lets you offset your flight in seconds.
  • Impact Makers is a great (Slack) community for meeting a diverse crowd of people at the intersection of technology and climate change.

Improved education, re-training #

  • Lambda School provides a computer science degree alternative with no-cost up front, and takes a percentage of your earnings. Hello, aligned incentives.

Lowering cost of access to space #

  • Launcher is lowering the price of getting small satellites to orbit.

Fixing the internet #

  • Sovrin a promising solution to the online identity problem.
  • Solid is looking to restructure web application for a more privacy-first user-owned data model.

People #

  • Piotr Wozniak is researching spaced repetition, incremental reading, memory, sleep, and a whole lot more.
  • Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication is a great framework for thinking about and improving one’s relationships. HN.
  • Josiah Zayner is doing some fascinating work around bio-hacking.