What does my ideal working environment look and feel like?

I want to acknowledge what an absolute privilege it is to be able to build things digitally and get paid money through the internet for it. I hope with time this becomes the default working and learning environment for anyone who prefers it and am interested in making that a likelier reality.



  • Ability to walk somewhere beautiful outside

    • For a while, I worked in an office in a city on a busy street, where I would spend my lunch hour near and join my coworker for his smoke breaks. My only escape was one of three nearby parks to get a semblance of a relaxing environment. I would try to spend them listening to a podcast or audiobook: a change of scenery and task does the mind wonderful things.

    • I suppose it was a bit difficult in that regard. But it’s also not to be understated: nowhere outside a major city do you get to experience the full range of art, culture and a diverse population of people all living in general harmony together.

    • I probably will oscillating between the two for a while.

  • Good, affordable food nearby

  • Adjustable desk with at least one large high-resolution monitor. I use a 1440p monitor but wish for something that doesn’t exist: something the same size but three times wider. Part of it high-resolution, low-latency e-ink displays. And the other section, a giant iPad.

  • It should basically surround my field of vision, but that’s ok because the only thing behind it is a bunch of leafy plants. Or cacti. or flowers. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. It also allows me to work by looking straight onto a monitor at my natural angle.

    • Eventually this will be full VR. Still a bit far away, and I’m not sure when it’ll come closer to just getting me the environment describe, minus the ability to take it off and stay there.

Visual inspiration

One of the many rooms in Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Amazon HQ in Seattle, WA (though I don’t believe many of their employees get to work here; it’s most of a showroom).
  • Amazon HQ in Seattle, WA (though I don’t believe many of their employees get to work here; it’s most of a showroom).


[[person:Andy Matuschak]]: Backlit displays limit computers to interiors

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