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How do we throw an online party?

These are my weekly Patch Notes – a log of the mental model updates I’m making and a braindump of things I’m leaning, building, or thinking about. Subscribe on Substack here. In this version: An exploration into virtual online parties and how we might make them happen My journey in extracting Twitter’s bookmarks Software is hard, and some reassuring quotes Cool remote tools I’ve been using
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Digital Tools I Wish Existed

My digital life in a nutshell: I discover relevant content I don’t have time to consume, I find time and become overwhelmed with my scattered backlog, I wish the content were in a different format, and then I’m unable to find something again once I’ve consumed it. Not retaining enough is a valid problem but we’ll tackle that one later. There’s a lot of generalization in my summary but the core issue is an extraordinarily high level of friction in the process of finding, organizing, and sharing digital content.
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