Hi, I’m Jon!

I love building tools to connect us in humane and fun ways.

I enjoy working with exploratory, research-driven teams while coordinating with surrounding communities - whether through blog posts or in online/offline events. I am experienced in fullstack engineering with React/Typescript, Solidity, Python, and Elixir as well as deploying and managing AWS, Vercel, Railway, EVM based blockchains, and bespoke distributed local infrastructure as needed.

I believe in sustainable, open, and inclusive approaches to engineering and am excited for decentralized tools that emphasize good user experience and healthy core values. Read more on digital tools I wish existed and a little more about me.

Contact: jborichevskiy@gmail.com or @jondotbo.

How I Like to Build #

  • high trust relationships where we say what we intend to do, and then we do it
  • safety to mess up; holding mistakes as learning opportunities
  • cross functional teams, working very closely with design, space to understand the needs and challenges of the users from more perspectives than purely engineering
  • comfortable with rapid iteration and explorative/experimental contexts
  • talking to users, understanding their use cases, needs, delights, and annoyances
  • comfortable interfacing directly with other organizations / projects, exploring the in-between spaces of partner companies, user communities, and developer ecosystems
  • shipping small things frequently, affording a continuous feedback loop with reality
  • keen on opportunities for pair programming and learning together as well as solo deep dives

Current Projects #

Grid.management with Daily Jam | full-stack engineering, design, community engagement

  • /r/place-inspired realtime collaborative canvas with native Farcaster integration
  • built with NextJS, Solidity, Ponder, IPFS
  • deployed on the Zora chain

Past Work #

Daily Jam, season 1: Turkey Challenge | full-stack engineering, design, community engagement

  • hybrid on/off-chain collaborative space for creative prompts with creator rewards
  • built with NextJS, Solidity, Ponder, IPFS

Gathern with Relational.org | full-stack engineering, community egagement

  • synthesizer for curating and extracting insights from recorded conversation
  • emergently crafted with a distributed group of builders, designers, and play testers
  • built on Svelte, OpenAI, Vercel, Cloudflare, and home grown transcoding infrastructure
  • integrated with Discord Bot API for low-cost social prototyping

Exquisite Land | full-stack engineering, ideation, & community

Tools for Thought CDMX 2021 | event host

  • three day meetup in Mexico City for builders interested in tools for thought
  • planned and co-organized the event, figuring out registration, schedule, and venues

CozyRoom.xyz | backend engineering, devops, community design

Interhackt.space | organizer, community design, presenter

Ressemble | founding engineer, fullstack/devops

  • note-taking app for sales teams to communicate learnings horizontally + vertically across organizations with integrated coaching and reporting flows
  • handled deployment, testing pipelines, intern onboarding, internal database tooling
  • built with Elixir/Phoenix, Tailwind on Gigalixir

Readwise.io | contract fullstack engineering

  • co-designed and prototyped Obsidian plugin for synchronizing highlights, handled server-side authentication and app configuration screens
  • built with Django, Celery, and Typescript

illumis (acquired by ComplySci) | founding engineer

  • public data aggregation, normalization, and monitoring for compliance and finance
  • built & maintained hundreds of integrations with local, city, state, and federal APIs, databases, and HTML with HTML extraction
  • onboarded engineers, managed interns, documentation, testing & deployment pipelines, experimental prototypes
  • built with Python/Django/React, Celery/RabbitMQ, Docker, Elasticsearch/Kibana on AWS

Yedi Software | co-founder, full-stack engineer

  • logistics load board aggregation tool
  • OCR PDF to Quickbooks data automation pipelines
  • built in Python/Django and Vue on Digital Ocean