Mariposa Monarch Butterfly Preserve, Mexico

My name is Jonathan Borichevskiy, but most friends just call me Jon. That’s me up there with a Monarch Butterfly on my shoulder on my 25th birthday (though I’m now 26).

I enjoy learning and building with networks. Also concerts, hikes, sunsets, and long walks with friends. Searching for the intersection of cognitive science, sustainability, and code. How I think about life.

futurebuild tools for humanity. next life steps (from 2021).

now • see here and some ideas for later.

before • founding engineer at Ressemble, illumis, and Yedi Software. Born and raised in Sacramento, California. New York City, San Diego, Portland, Austin, Mexico City, Huatulco, Ensenada.

I journal, try to think about meta thinking, and take care of my health.

Citizen of the Internet on Spaceship Earth.

email: jonbo@hey.comtwitter: jondotbo • always happy to chat

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